Saturday, 23 February 2013

Natividad Building

By: Paolo & Patricia M. Bustamante

The Natividad Building continues to age gracefully before the eyes of the Filipino people. This ivory-like structure that shines under the Manila heat is one of the few buildings in Escolta that survived the ravages of World War II. During the time of its prime, The Insurance Commission found its shelter within the white-washed casing of this pre-war construction. It is famous for its beaux-arts styling, which originated in France during the 1800’s –just like its neighboring Calvo.

The building is still in the peak of its condition. It is also one of the few and remaining architecturally alluring edifices around the area of Escolta. 

One fun fact about the Natividad Building is that when the Americans shelled and leveled the city to rid it of the last remaining Japanese forces in Manila, it still remained standing and unshaken. It survives up until this day –and it will remain standing there as a survivor for ages. It is a symbol of the strength and the undaunted spirit of the Filipino people of yesterday and today.