Sunday, 5 August 2012

Perez-Samanillo Building (First-United Building)

By: Paolo Bustamante

Do you want to see some red and white allover? The First-United Building reminds us of stains of the past! (Im talking about WWII here haha). The First-United Building is one of the most iconic buildings in Escolta. When my friend and i visited the First-United Building it was an adventure like no other. We were like criminals, crooks that got out of jail, we were con artists in the making. I was really desperate to go inside! I just want to see if it is nice. So, we went inside and the guards asked us where we are going, so I told my friend Deric, "Girl, hold my Gucci, I'll handle this". I told the guard that we will just visit and exhibit, (which is true by the way! I was invited by Con Cabrera to visit the 98B Exhibit). When we went to the exhibit but no one was around, then we got bored, so we explored the building, we noticed that the guards were looking for us so we ran up and down and we took the elevator going to the roof deck and we saw the beauty of Sta. Cruz. We saw the Monte de Piedad building, the Sta. Cruz Church and the Roman Santos Building. Too bad when I was about to go all sentimental, the guards were there to escort us outside.

The First United Building, formerly known as the the Perez-Samanillo Building was built in 1928 by Andres Luna de San Pedro, Juan Luna and Paz Pardo de Yavera's son. It is one of the few art deco buildings that survived during the war. It is now owned by the Sylianteng Family they bought it during the 60's. Added information about this building, the security guard told us that the late King of Comedy, Dolphy had an agency here in this building.

Weeks before publishing this post, I asked you guys if you know the history of this building and quite surprisingly many have responded and all of those who responded were right! Thank you for your help! 

Friday, 3 August 2012

Calvo Building

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

My friend and I were on a mission, to visit and we had planned it up to the last detail. We checked the website of PAGASA if it will rain, I mapped out the itinerary on where to go and we brought plenty of cash for emergency. So From school, my friend and I went to the street of Escolta, where the modern intertwines with the past. It is an ideal day to go on a field trip to Manila because it was sunny when we left Vito Cruz. When we got to Plaza Lacson rain poured. There is this group formed a coallition for us not to go to Escolta. Mr. bipolar weather (more like a typhoon), Ms.heavy traffic and Mr. flooded streets. We were soaking wet and ready to go!

Our first stop was the Calvo Building. Unfortunately for us the ground floor was flooded and the museum was closed. Boo us. Anyway, The Calvo Building was built in 1938 by architect  Fernando Ocampo. Before, it was home to the studios and corporate offices of the Republic Broadcasting System. DZBB, the first signals of radio station, was sent from a makeshift studio on its 4th floor by an American war correspondent Robert Stewart. Seven years after the company (DZBB), moved to its current location along EDSA and is now more popularly known as GMA7. Now, the Calvo Building houses the Vintage Bottle Collection and the Escolta Museum located at the 2nd floor of the building. Entrance fee is P50.00. 

Going to Escolta is like going to the Emerald city because Escolta has such a diverse architectural movements such as Artdeco (First United Building), Neo Classical (Regina Building) and Beaux-Arts (The Calvo Building). Before anything else I would like to apologize to my loyal yet loving readers because recently I haven't been posting anything in my blog because of school work. That's why I am making a comeback, featuring the buildings of Escolta with a Bang! Holla! Now that I am free, I need a reason to wake up in the morning, because I have this humungous hole in my life that cant be filled by shopping, only visiting these nostalgic buildings fill that hole!