Saturday, 27 June 2015

Nurses Home

By: Paolo M. Bustamante
I finally had a chance to see up close the UP Nurses home. I am always having a hard time researching about the history of this beautiful building. Luckiky one of the professors at UP Arki Arch. Gerard Lico is nice enough to send me the blueprints of the UP Nurses home. 

The nurses home is one of my favorite buildings in Manila. Why it is one of the most underrated buildings in Manila. Maybe because it has a certain beauty that makes you want to go back. And I also have this weird quirky fascination with buildings with statues.

The facade of the Nurses Home has 3 statues on the middle of the building. It also has an elevated ram stairs and also a fountain. And if you go inside (which I highly doubt because of the security guards) you will see the beautiful staircase and amble flooring of the building. 

According to Arch. Gerard Lico, the Nurses Home is nendered in the Renaissance Revival style following the plan designed by Tomas Mapua in 1933. I have never seen a renaissance style building before in Manila. Maybe that's what makes it unique. 

If you want to visit the Nurses Home, it is located inside the Campus complex of he university of the Philippines just beside the Philippine General Hospital.

Arch. Gerard was such a great help in my quest to know the history of the Nurses Home. He was really eager to help me despite his busy schedule. He even helped me with my thesis by giving me books about Philippine architecture. I really want to thank him for everything that he has done because if not for him, I will never know the history of one of my favorite buildings in Manila and I will never get a high grade in my thesis.


  1. Hi there. Is the Nurses Home still being used? It looks abandoned when viewed from outside


    1. Hello Andre,
      UP-PGH Nurses Home is still being use today as dormitory for female PGH staff nurses on the 2 upper floors and by male residents/interns on the first floor. I lived here for 3 years as a student nurse in 1971-1974 & as staff nurse for 3 more years after graduation.