Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Save the "Madrid House"

Last month, my classmates and I made a stop on one of the most beautiful houses in San Nicolas, located at Madrid St. cor. Lavesarez St.

I showed them the house before it is gone. I wanted them to see what Manila used to be because I want them to appreciate the beauty of our city. My classmates were deeply saddened when I told that that this house will soon face the wreaking ball.

(My classmates, Michelle & Mike)

In the last decade, the district of San Nicolas had lost a huge number of heritage houses in the area and I think someone has to speak up about that.

Last year, I blogged about the demolition of one of the oldest houses in San Nicolas and that is the "Lavesarez" house. It is just a block away from the "Madrid House". Unfortuatrely the Heritage Conservation Society & the Heritage Conservation Society- Youth lost that battle. The Lavesarez house was demolished to give way to a parking lot.

Last week I saw a post by my fellow heritage conservationist (who shall not be named), and he said that the house will soon be demolished. He is doing his part by protesting and posting on Facebook to preserve this building.

(The demolished "Lavesarez House")

We have this old notion about old buildings, when we say that when building is old we always think that it has "ghost" or "multo" living inside the building. Or since the building is old it is ugly and out of style. Because last week I went to Doroteo Jose and I saw the old ancestral house of Rosa Rosal, when asked the caretakers about the house, he said that there are ghost that show up in the night.

Maybe in 40 years, the only thing that is "historical"  is the BGC Buildings in Taguig. I hope we do something about it. We need to act now before it is too late. I observed that the youth is more active when it comes to these kinds of thing that's why I am encouraging the youth to do your share so that we have something to pass on to the future gereration.

Let us voice out our cause to Mayor Erap.

The "Madrid House" is one of the oldest architectural structure in San Nicolas. It was built during the late 19th century and it survived the Second World War and anyone proposing that it be demolished is doing a great disservice to the nation. The house will make a perfect hotel or a restaurant just like in Vigan. I hope the new owner realizes the strong economic potential of conserving the house.

About a month ago, I received information that one of the conditions of the house was if no one will rent it, the house be demolished. I hope that the owners understand that the house that they own is a priceless artistic treasure. We hope to see the house restored to its full glory in the future.


  1. Ang kawalan ng respeto sa kasaysayan ng ating mga kababayan ang sanhi ng pagkasira ng mga ancestral at national heritage natin. Mas malala pa ang inabot ng mga bansa sa Europe dahil sa 2nd world war, pero naibalik nila sa dati ang mga nasira nilang makasaysayang istruktura. Ang gusto ng mga pilipino ay laging bago ang nakikita sa kapaligiran. Dapat nating pangalagaan ang mga makasaysayang bagay na iniwan sa atin ng ating ninuno upang mapanatili natin ang ating pagkakilanlan bilang mga Pilipino.

  2. It's really a pity that our authorities are never concious of conserving our historic patrimony. I believe they don't realize that it is part of our identity as Filipinos.

  3. I really love your blog. Keep it up.