Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fort San Antonio Abad

It is impossible to grasp just how powerful old landmarks are. It can bear us though difficult times or encourages us to visit them. It forces us to remember our past and compels the youth to search for hidden truths and long after it is gone, it still remains glued into our memories. 

The Fort San Antonio de Abad was a witness to many battles and wars in Manila. Now it spends its day with the company of government officials and professional accountants. This fort is in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas  the central bank of the Philippines and it has a very tight security but I didn't had a hard time entering the fort.

In the mids of war against the Filipinos, It once catered to the Spaniards in the 16th century. It also serves as a stronghold for pirates and unwanted company. This fort also served as a gunpowder storage in 1584. 

(with my mommy)

The Spaniards defended this fort for more that 200 years but their record was broken when the British invaded the fort in 1762 and used it in the assault against Manila.  On August 13 1898 The Americans occupied the fort. It was also used by the Americans during the Spanish-American War that's why it was greatly damaged during the Battle of Manila Bay. It was also used by the Japanese during the World War II.

It was reconstructed during the late 1970's and it is now a place where government officials congregate whenever there are special events. due to its location since it is covered by the Metropolitan Museum and the maximum security in the Bangko Sentral, there are only few tourist who visit this historical place because and it is also seldom seen and heard by the people.

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  1. We have a parish dedicated to him here in Bacolod :)