Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tadbalik (Multimedia Arts Festival)

Are you all ready? 150+ students, 9 exhibits, 1 festival
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Tadbalik is one of 9 exhibits by the graduating students of the De La Salle- College of St. Benilde, at the Multimedia Arts Festival, happening on April 3-5 at Exhibition Hall 2 SMX, MOA Complex, Pasay City. 

(The Tadbalik)

 Tadbalik is an exhibit that will turn the world upside down and open doors to what ifs and impossibilities in the normal world we live in. It showcases artworks that will play along the words of irony and opposites.

The world is not necessarily right side up as we see it, and turning our heads upside down doesn't automatically mean we see things wrong side up. The world is round and being able to see the multiple facets, even by the most mundane of things, makes the place we live in a wondrous playground. Tadbalik: Baliktad na Mundo is an exhibit that seeks to represent the ups and downs, the rights and wrongs by turning peculiar conceptions into a tangible reality through art. The exhibit aspires to make people see our topsy-turvy world with a different point of view and, ultimately, turn frowns upside down.

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