Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Aguinaldo Department Store

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

In search of the Ides O'Racca Building which is deemed for demolition, I came across the Aguinaldo Department store building in Juan Luna street.  I learned a lot from this experience and the next time I go back, I will always keep a "Note to Self" which is to: Never bring a car to Divisoria. 

There are a significant number of mean-spirited people in there.  What happened was, I merely parked my car for less than 10 minutes in front of the Aguinaldo Department Store Building, and this "parking officer" charged me 80 freaking pesos for a 10-minute parking fee!  Yes, you read that right.  I was ripped-off.  I had no choice but to pay him, though.  I chose to keep the peace and to be the bigger person.  Besides, he also look like the type of person who might damage my car...

Anyway, I recall that day to be very busy and demanding. I came from school because it was our midterms week and I accomplished some errands prior to that, which is why I brought my car, to begin with.  Also, I have not updated my blog in ages due to the several midterm exams that I have to prepare for. I know that bringing a car to Divisoria was a pretty stupid decision, but I really had no choice.  I mean, where will I park my car in Binondo?

Anyhow, last week, Stepehn Pamorada messaged me on Facebook that the Ides O'racca is currently being demolished. That got me intensely curious that I had to visit the building before it is too late.  Long story short, I never had a chance to see the building because there were so many people shopping in Divisoria dusting that time and some of the street signs were missing, which could be very misleading to someone who doesn't know the area at the back of their hand. 

 I felt like I was in hell during that time.  I was lost and confused in a crowded and convoluted place.  It was a nightmare that I had with my eyes open.  So after hours of searching for the building, I just decided to go home.  My impatience got the best of me (which I shall master to conquer soon), and the rest is history...

The Aguinaldo Department Store is located at Juan Luna St. Binondo, Manila. Owned by Leopoldo R. Aguinaldo & Co., it is one of the biggest malls during the 1930's. The six storey building was inaugurated in 1931, it sold footwear supplies, women's accessories, hair products and the like. In 1938, it added branches in Dagupan and Baguio and Ermita.

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  1. Wow, i finally tracked this building down last May : I knew it simply as The Mabuhay Building as I had seen it on Flickr. it has been demolished now?? i hope not.

    your background reading on this subject is interesting and thank you for that. i would have thought, looking at the style, that it may have been earlier.

    Imagine all the well-to-do in pre-war Manila shopping there after making taking a Calesa to Plaza Sa Lorenzo Ruiz.