Monday, 30 September 2013

El Hogar Building

By: Paolo M. Bustamante
For some reason, exploring the city of Manila makes my stress go away. I needed a break from school, friends and from my life because for some reason drama keeps on following me wherever I go. Drama keeps popping out of nowhere, but when I am in Manila, all of my problems go away. Last Thursday, before going to school, I visited of one of the oldest buildings in Binondo, the El Hogar Building.

The last time that I visited the El Hogar Building was 5 months ago when I saw the Younghusband brothers shooting for a hair commercial. When I saw the Younghusband brothers back then, I remember screaming my lungs off because they are so finnnne. For some reason their charm makes smart girls lose their minds. 

Going back, I was there standing in front of the El Hogar Building. It is just so irresistible to look at. The building has this elegant vibe but only a few people could appreciate the beauty of this building. Despite of the rapid depreciation of the the El Hogar, there are still evident traces that would show that it is still gleaming with beauty.  You can see that it is very much neglected and the building is deteriorating. It is simply screaming for a serious facelift. If only I had the money to glamorize this building, I will surely pimp it with style.

The El Hogar Building was built as a wedding gift for the union of a Zobel Daughter and a Peruvian Court and it was finished back in 1914 but some account say that the El Hogar was built in 1911. The beautiful beaux-arts structure was designed by architect Goyena. It housed the offices of the lending company, El Hogar Filipino. It is the origin headquarters of the Ayala Life Insurance Company. After the Second World War, the building was bought by the Fernandez clan who still run this building till this day.


  1. hi! do you think it is possible to enter this place?

  2. I would stabilize and reinforce the structure, restore the character of the building,and make it an open floor plan, industrial style with high ceiling.
    This space would be a perfect market for local makers, artist, etc. Could even be museum. Everything inside that building are pretty much antique pieces. I hope they restore it.