Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Main Theatre

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

When I did a feature on the last 13 stand-alone theatres in Manila last year, I apparently I left out some theatres like the Main, Globe, Crown and the Hollywood. Another face palm moment for my blog. 

It is a shame that I missed out on the Main theatre I mean It is near the Times and right in front of the Bahay Bautista-Nakpil in Quiapo. Yesterday we had an event at the Bahay Bautista-Nakpil, and while we were discussing about our future plans and projects in HCS-Y, (Heritage Conservation Society-Youth). Stephen Pamorada suggested that there should be a screening of old movies and project it at the back of the Main theatre so everyone could see, even the people outside of the house. It is like an open show cinema just like in the United States.

Anyway, when he said the words "Main Theater" I replied "Where is it? Is that the building with a bas-relief?" He said "Yes! it is infront of the Bahay Bautista-Nakpil. I hastily grabbed my camera and went there to shoot.

When went home, I asked Mr. Richard Tuazon-Bautista, a noted historian, about the background of the Main Theatre. He said that the Main Theatre was designed by Juan Nakpil during the early 1950's and it follows the international style of architecture.


  1. Is this movie theater still open? I want to check what it looks like. I think there's another old movie house that you forgot to mention (maybe because it's already torn down) - Galaxy. My uncle used to say that it was the only movie theater that showed The Ten Commandments and people really lined up to go there. I also remember the place and I really like the look of old snack bars before you get inside to watch.

    1. This theater is now Villarica Pawnshop, in front of Quiapo Church.Main theater no longer exists, but the old building still stands.