Monday, 8 July 2013

Aristotle Inn

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

Deep within the concrete jungle of Rizal Avenue, stands a mighty tall structure that has survived one of the most gruesome wars of the world. This structure has witnessed a lot of battles and victories. Maybe for some, this structure is just some old house in Rizal Avenue, but for me it is a cultural treasure that needs to be preserved. 

I always see this house whenever I ride the LRT. The rusty details of the roof and the wooden carvings of the structure makes me want to press the emergency button of the train and go down the tracks just to take pictures of this lovely house.

My mom told me that there are houses in Rizal Ave., that are way better looking than the Aristotle Inn, but this structure stood the test of time and even though this is not as beautiful and as elegant as the other neighbouring houses, it is still there, unlike the others, well they are now gone.

I posted a picture of the Aristotle inn on my page on facebook. The picture was taken in 1945 during the Second World War.

 In the picture that I posted, you can see that the Filipinos are all in a squatting position as tanks pass by Rizal Avenue. A very heartbreaking picture. Can you imagine us living during the Second World War?


  1. I just check in yesterday with my Boyfriend we had it for 3 rounds The Place is really beautiful Anonymous Michael

  2. Saan ito sa Rizal Avenue? Ang haba kaya ng Rizal Avenue.

  3. How much yung 3hrs?