Sunday, 16 June 2013

Anda Monument

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

When I went to the Simon Anda Monument, it is clear that only a few know who he is and his contribution to this country. The monument implies that it is evident that we also do not value him or his legacy as much as before.

For those of you who do not know Simon de Anda y Salazar was the Lt. Governor General of Spanish colony by Archbishop Antonio Rojo who was the current Governor General of the Philippines at that time. When the British successfully invaded Manila and Cavite, Lt. Governor Simon de Anda fled to Pampanga with half of his treasury and some import documents to lead his troops against the British. When the treaty of Paris was officially signed, Great Britain pulled out its forces and surrendered Manila back to Simon de Anda in Plaza Sta. Cruz. He went to Spain in 1770, he returned to Manila with a hero's welcome, eventually assuming his post as Governor General.

After Governor General Anda's death , a monument was erected in 1871 in his honour by Governor General Carlos Maria De La Torre. The Anda Monument was originally located near the Pasig River but During the 60's the monument was moved to its present-day location in Bonifacio Drive (near Intramuros).

Sorry, but I was really grossed out when I went to the Anda Monument. There are poop everywhere, can you believe that? Well I'm guessing informal settlers made the monument their public toilet. It is really upsetting because as decades pass, these monuments and the names behind these monuments fade. I think that the only monument in Manila that is in good state is the Rizal Monument.

 For me, even though Simon Anda is not a Filipino he should be honored for what he did for our country. Imagine our country being colonized by the Brits. If we were colonized by the Brits, our generation will suffer by memorizing loads of names and textbooks will be and inch thicker. Just kidding... 


  1. Well that's just a sad state for a monument :( A report should be done to help at least improve the state of this site.

  2. excellent commentary. i love your sense of humor. i always wondered why my history books in american high school were an inch thicker than in the philippines?

    other than the obvious that half the pages of philippines' public school textbooks are ripped out by students to make paper airplanes, oragami and for writing notes to their classmates.


  3. Nearly all monuments, parks and shrines in the Philippines are being neglected by both the government and the public. No one cares for these statues or historical sites. So they just treat it like a pig pen. So sad but the change starts in all of us. National pride must be restored and that is what these monument reflects. We must remember that it is our ancestors who fought under the direction of de Anda and resisted the British occupation.

  4. we have no budget to maintain it. all our budget went to our beloved senators and congressmen with special participation of Janet Napoles.