Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Uy Su Bin Experience

By: Paolo M. Bustamante & Deric Dario

While my friends and I were in Binondo, they asked me where can they eat authentic Chinese food. Actually I had no idea because I am not that adventurous when it comes to food. I'd rather eat in McDonalds than eat like l lndian worms or flying brazilian lizards.

(My Bestfriend Deric)
Good thing my friend Deric is taking up culinary arts and he is quite a daredevil when it comes to food, I dont blame him CROKEY!. But the problem is, we are short on cash, so... we need to look for a restaurant where in cheap is chic. Don't judge us we are economising hahaha.

Our first stop was the famous Savory Restaurant in Escolta, but again we are short on cash, so we walked a mile in our Prada shoes and found the "ideal" restaurant. We saw the pink Uy Su Bin Building, I told my friends that there is a lumpia store somewhere here but I wonder where because outside the Uy Su Bin is a bank and beside it is a gate leading to somewhere so we went inside and amazingly that gate leads to Hogwarts. 

Inside the Uy Su Bin is  a simple yet cozy restaurant, I read in an article that they serve the best lumpia in town. So... let's see.  I asked my friend Deric to critique the New Po-Heng Lumpia House inside the Uy Su Bin Building.

Lumpia/Spring Rolls
The authentic chinese fresh lumpia was indeed a palate pleaser. A generous serving of julienned assorted vegetables wrapped in an egg and flour based wrapper. As i watch the charming lady prepare my lumpia on the spot, I cant help but notice how completely packed it was. Carrots, radish and all other vegetables were cooked to perfection, tender but still has that crunchy bite. The flavor of the filling was very succulent, it blended well with the clean taste of the lumpia wrapper. 

The addition of ground peanuts and sugar is what separates chinese lumpia from others. The peanut sauce could've used less thickener, it was really dense but nonetheless flavorful. At 50php this fresh chinese lumpia from New Po-Heng Lumpia House is worth every peso. 

Chicken Mami
A hot bowl of fried chicken tender swimming on what seems to be some kind of broth with a lot of thickeners. I was not satisfied that much with this dish. Although the broth/soup had flavor, it was too thick, even thicker than a sauce. It almost felt like gelatin just before it sets. The fried chicken bits was perfectly cooked, tender and flavorful but too much breading was a big disappointment. The old lady serving us said this is supposed to be a soup, but my friend John and Paolo ate it with rice. At 55php per bowl, the generous serving might just be a big factor to make up for its slightly below par quality

I am guessing that The Uy Su Bin Building was built during the late 30's. The style of the building is very art deco. The building is also well preserved and well maintained. Even the interiors of the building is still intact.

 I tried doing a research on the building but no records were found. I tried asking some people from the Heritage Conservation Society but they have no idea about the background of the building so please if you know anything about the Uy Su Bin Building just let me know.

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