Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hola Escolta! Saturday Market

Saturday Market Escolta

Organizer:  Saturday Market Escolta (98B)
When: April 27, 2013 
Where:First United Building, Escolta, Manila
Photographed by: Paolo M. Bustamante

 (Poster by: Paolo M. Bustamante)

 (Hola Escolta)

  (HCS-Youth Postcards by Cesar Ramirez & Carlo Martinez)

 (With Mark Salvatus)

 (The Light of India)

  (Manta Ray skin for P100.00. Someone call PETA ahhaaha)

  (Mel Gb)

 (With my bestfriend John Padaoan)

  (Deric Dario & the Dragonfly)

  (Inside the Saturday Market)

  (Antique figurines for sale)

  (HCS-Youth's Booth)

  (With Mr. Richard Bautista's puta bag)

  (Inside the First United Building)

  (Deric Dario)

 (With Axl Guinto & Mel Gb)

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