Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Commercial Bank & Trust Company Building

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

I am at a loss of words on how to describe the various obstacles that I had to surpass last year. I was very tensed and pushed on the edge with the constant pressure to meet deadlines and to make the most out of uncompromising circumstances. My situation last year stripped me out of my time for my blog. Then, I thought I needed a break –a ticket out of the hassles of reality. I decided to take a trip to Carriedo and immerse myself in everything that I enjoy; everything that is distinctly Manila. From then on, I found a sense of joy that would make my surroundings stop, in a very cheesy and slow-mo fashion kind of way.

After consuming a refreshing beverage (You know I have a thing for fruit-drinks…) I found myself wandering around Escolta. It is very bizarre how my feet just happen to drag me onto the most convoluted places in the metro. It seems as if my feet originally came with a manual that I haven’t had the chance to read, and it so happened that my feet are currently on auto-pilot mode.

Anyway, I stumbled across “The Mothership”… or, something that resembles “The Mothership”. It is The Commercial Bank and Trust Company Building. Personally, I think it looks really awkward… but somehow it works against the intricate background of Escolta. To me, it looks as if a drunken Martian awkwardly crashed a flying saucer onto the messy streets of Manila… but then again, it is too good to be true. All jerking aside, The Commercial Bank and Trust Company Building is a 1960’s type of building –which explains the very gauche mod and futuristic influence that it posses. It is a Zaragoza –and despite of its strangeness, I seem to enjoy it…


  1. Everytime I pass along Jones bridge, I also wonder about that building. Hoping for an added information about it here in your blog. :)

  2. to what bank is Filipinas Bank and Trust Company merged?

  3. There would later be another Commercial Bank and Trust Company (CBTC) in Makati, near Makati Medical Center. At that time, my late father, Atty. Fernando R. Reyes, Sr. would become its President.