Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sta. Cruz Building

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

Politicians, they promise us a lot of things from uplifting poverty to changing the educational system. In short, they promise us change. In every debate that they are on, they always focus on the big picture like for example health issues, crimes and employment. but often times they forget the littlest of details like preserving our built heritage and cultural awareness. In Batangas, they can really balance both. but in Manila, well... change... is everywhere. There are only a few 18th century ancestral houses in manila, they have been replaced by 50's modernist buildings.

It is one of the first building to be remodeled in Escolta. Before the Sta. Cruz Building is far from modern, it;s windows is covered with capiz, ITs floors is wooden and the building looks like an ancestral house in downtown Manila. It an accesoria building, very commercial wherein the ground floor is filled with boutiques and shops. The old building, was demolished and was remodeled during the 50's. It is now a commercial building, and like before the ground floor is piled with antique shops and boutiques.

The Sta Cruz Building had a Drastic make-over with a touch of everything from a heritage treasure, to an average structure. Our built heritage plays a big role in our life especially when it comes to tourism and because it reflects who we are as a nation. Let our mighty structures tell the story.  Polticians, they promise us everything but they are always forgetting something like former Mayor Lito Atienza, don't forget, he is the culprit behind the demolition of the Jai Alai after all history is written by those who win, no by those who were the nicest.

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  1. i am a fan of this buildings. these 50s, 60s architecture. they still look a whole lot cooler than today's buildings. if youve seen this building, you'd notice the facade isn't upright, creating the illusion it is slant. how cool is that!