Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Philippine National Bank Building

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

Are you still in the mood for ghost haunting? I know that Halloween is over but If you guys are looking for adventure, thrill and excitement, come visit the Philippine National Bank Building in Sta. Cruz Manila . Last Monday, The Philipippine National Bank Building in Escolta, Manila was featured in Brigada, GMA NewsTV because it is said that this building is haunted. You know, abandoned buildings are the new cemeteries, because cemeteries are soooo last week! creepy hallways and creaking windows will welcome you in the Philippine National Bank 

Built by Carlos ArguellesThe Philippine National Bank Building was the official building of the PNB before, then after some time it was converted into a shopping mall then part of the building was converted into a school the city college of Manila and the ground floor was converted into the headquarters of the Manila World War 2 veterans and son's and daughters.

If you have any ghostly experience just post it on the comment box below. Feel the thrill and visit the Philippine National Bank Building. Happy Halloween!

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