Friday, 12 October 2012

The Burke Building

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

When I was young my mom used to lecture me about tact, taste and living simple. Everyday I take & apply it my everyday life. I am a commuter, from my house, I commute going to my school. Some people are ashamed to say that they commute. Haaayyy... how I wish Manila was like Paris, wherein people in the upper class commute wherever they go but sad to say Manila is not a place for commuting, it is a place for private vehicles. I was crossing in the pedestrian lane and I almost got ran over by a cab.

The Burke Building, once hailed in the streets of Escolta as one of the most extravagant buildings ever built in that street. The Burke Building even had the first elevator ever installed in the Philippines. But nothing really last forever. The Burke Building was one of the earliest buildings to be built in Escolta dating back in 1739. The Burke survived strong earthquakes especially the ones in 1853 and 1886.  In 1919 A newer structure was built because the Burke building needed remodeling and from there, the first elevator was installed in Escolta. However, it was badly damaged during the second world war and it was rehabilitated in 1949.

The building went from extravagant to simple. This is a very symbolic building, especially when you are comparing it to the sate of our country. The buildings of Escolta and the people who live in and are making a living in this street has taught me a lot about life and about who I am as a person. Living simple is a one giant step for me and a small step for change. (Is it living simply? or living simple? where is the grammar police?)

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