Monday, 29 October 2012

Manuel F. Tiaoqui Building

By: Paolo M. Bustmante

Is it really more fun in the Philippines? For those of you who still care about the plight of our heritage, the historic 200 year old Alberto House in Binan, Laguna collaped due to its deteriorating state. In Manila however, the 1950's GSIS Building beside the Manila City Hall was in line for demolition but the mayor decided that it is time to do this thing called "adaptive reuse". The GSIS building was saved from demolition. FYI it is a crime to demolish structures that are more that 50 years without the consent of the NCCA. 

Like the GISIS Building the Manuel Tiaoqui Building is a mid-century modernist architecture. The Manuel Tiaoqui Building was built during the late 1950's. The Manuel Tiaoqui Building is located in Sta. Cruz, Manila in front of the Carriedo Fountain. It is said that this building is the first pinned-wall building in the Philippines. 

Out with the old and in with the new. Sta. Cruz, Malate, Rizal Ave. It seems that there are hardly many standing ancestral houses even  1930's art deco and1950's modernist buildings in Manila. Before, old houses and art deco movie houses are lined up in Rizal Avenue, now there are scarcely any. I think we should learn from our mistakes because those structures cannot be restored. We should look forward and preserve what is left.

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  1. The building beside of it has been demolished in 2012, the Banco Filipino.