Sunday, 8 April 2012

St. Benedict's Hall

By: Patricia M. Bustamante &
Paolo M. Bustamante

We also have many buildings that are littered with classrooms that are always filled with good stories and memories made by every Bedan. Some of which are very old as seen in the tiles used and the tables and chairs used. Some are newly renovated. The others are just small –with small armchairs and all, because some of the classrooms in San Beda used to be the classroom of Grade School students back when they were still all-boys and in the Manila campus.

Since there is only one building at that time, the St. Bede's Hall was built in 1926 (which is the cornerstone of the school), the college decided to construct another building for the high school. The St. Benedict's Hall was inaugurated in February 24, 1952 it was used as a high school building until 2004, when the college decided to relocate the high school to San Beda- Rizal so that the can transfer the College of Medicine to a much bigger and better building. Even though it was built in the 1950's the building still incorporated some art deco styles especially the classrooms and the stairs. In front of the building there is a marker that pays homage and respect to the Bedan boys who have while they were on their way to the 11th World Jamboree camping in Greece (1963).

I could share a lot of things you may or may not know about San Beda and if you have some this far in reading, I applaud you. But I could honestly say that I could go on and on about this forever, because San Beda is a place that I will never forget.

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