Tuesday, 10 April 2012

St. Anselm's Hall

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

San Beda also houses my sister's spots in the campus. One thing is the CAS Library, or the College of Arts and Sciences Library. She said that that is not your typical library. In this place, people make noise. People either sleep there or just chat, which is perfectly fine. The library is eternally cold and fragrant –fragrant in the sense that it has the new-book smell. It is like her bat cave,

The St. Anselm's Hall is one of the four major buildings in San Beda College. The St. Anselm's Hall is where the College of Arts and Science is located. It was built in July 1963 after the construction of the St. Benedict's Hall during the term of Fr. Bernabarre. Its architectural style is very similar to the facade of the 1950's Esso Building (now the PhilAmlife Building) in Issac Pearl St. and the UST Archi Building.

San Beda had incorporated a lot of architectural styles through the years.It reflects how timeless and how the Philippine architecture evolves because as time sifts, they always make sure that they will always leave a historic mark in every decade that passes by. From the well preserved neo-gothic San Beda Chapel, to the art deco St. Benedict's Hall, these buildings will serve as reminders that through the years, San Beda will forever be a school who values its history and culture.

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