Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Castaneda House

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

There are certain things every Mayor or any politician of any position should remember, like which street should not be renamed. Which day should be declared a holiday . Which part of the city needs remodeling. But the one thing that every politician can forget is they do not think before demolishing something (or giving permit to people who are about to demolish something) It is a question we . the heritage activists ask ourselves, That's why there is a big difference between a good politician from a great politician.  Good politicians are the people we can rely on. Great politicians envisions about the consequences or the outcome of the action that they are about to do.

There is a part in Sampaloc Manila wherein ancestral houses are fused to make the district of Sampaloc a potential tourist spot. But unfortunately for the district, these ancestral houses are left to rot. It is quite sad that none of our government officials see the potential of Sampaloc.because they think that there is no hope for it to rise again. These ancestral houses can be converted into a heritage area, just like the houses in Batangas. I suggest that the Mayor should go around his city more.

There is a house in G. Tuazon St., Sampaloc Manila that was built by a family who was widely known in Sampaloc and that is the Castaneda Family.   Rolando Almario is an ex-kagawad and a carpenter. He has been living in this house for more than 50 years. According to him, the house was built in 1910 it was very much alive until the 1940's. After the WWII, when the city of Manila was in ruins, poverty broke out and the Casranedas had to compromise and of course that led to the chain reaction of events, The Castanedas never recovered after the war. Today the facade of the Castaneda house looks neglected and some of the details of the house are missing. It is never too late to save the house.

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