Monday, 2 April 2012

Casa Barsobia

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

I have been featuring beautiful art deco and art nouveau buildings in Manila since the start of my blog.  And I think it is time to feature some heritage houses in Manila,   I think I need to go further back in time and embrace the 19th century-old houses in Manila. These 19th century-old houses are everywhere especially in Rizal Avenue, Malacanang compound and in Mendiola (near San Beda) but sadly some of the old houses that are scattered in Manila are vanishing right before our eyes to make way for condominiums, apartments and parking lots. It is time to feature these houses before they are gone. I decided to do the "Casa Manila Series", showcasing the beautiful ancestral houses here in Manila. Take that Vigan! 

While I was on my way to National University, I saw this beautiful house along G. Tuason. I was able to talk to the caretaker of the house, good thing she was nice and good thing... I brought my camera with me.

According to the caretaker of the house, the Casa Barsobia was built in the early-1900's (she was quite unsure about the date) and is located along G.Tuason St. near the National University it is surrounded by beautiful 19th-century old houses. The person who owns the house is Neofia Barsobia but sadly the Casa Barsobia won't be standing for long because after the death of Neofia Barsobia. According the the caretaker of the house, the owerns of the family are thinking of selling this beautiful prewar structure.

It is more difficult to preserve than to destroy because there are a lot of factors to watch out for in preserverving our built heritage like the weather, earthquakes, tsunamis and or natural calamities and of course everything is temporary. Im guessing that it took this house 2 years to build and it will just take a month to demolish it. 

Quick update 
Just recently, I saw a post on a group on facebook, Manila Nostalgia (A group that celebrates the glory years of manila.) that one of the owners of the Casa Barsoba are having thoughts on having the house listed as a heritage house. Yey for heritage!

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