Friday, 6 April 2012

Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

I can still remember the first time I visited the chapel of San Beda College, and I think it was late Febuary this year before the graduation of my sister. I was surprised it was open at 1:00 because usually it is only open at 6am. To cut the story short I entered and I was  blown away with the beauty and the detailing of the chapel. It is one of the best churches i have ever seen next to its neighboring church, the San Sebastian Church. 

I am usually impressed at everything, I am easy to impress (that's why I think I cannot be a judge in American Idol) as long as it is historical and still standing. The mural is well preserved and everything is in place. When I was about to shoot inside the chapel, I saw the casket of the guy who was a victim of hazing from the College of Law. I can still remember the news, I feel sorry for the mom and the family. May he rest in peace. 

The neo-gothic Abbey of Monserrat is located in Mendiola Manila. It was built by a Swedish architect George Asp in 1904. The church was devoted to Sto. Nino de Prague which was carved in 1905 by Maximo Vicente and was installed in the altar after it was consecrated in 1926. 

The paintings that can be seen everywhere in the abbey were done by a Spanish monk, Fr. Lesmes Lopez OSB has done a lot of murals for monasteries in Spain and Australia. The Abbey of Our Lady of Monserrat is one of the few churches that survived the liberation.

I asked my sister about The Abbey of Monserrat because It is her school and she said that the abbey is almost always empty –except when it is exam week or “Hell Week”. Students, seek comfort in the Abbey hoping that God would help them survive college. 

The Abbey is one of the most beautiful places she has ever seen and she feels like she is in a different world when she is in the abbey.

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  1. I agree with what your sister said, being in a different world when she's in the abbey. I used to visit the abbey when I stayed in EspaƱa way back 2008. I'd pass by the church for a visit or hear the 6am mass on my way to St. Jude (board exam days).

    I kinda miss the abbey, maybe when I get back in the metro I'll pay them a visit. :)

    Great Blog btw. :)