Friday, 16 March 2012

Yutivo Building

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

Historical sites are such complex structures but we hardly even notice them, but if we paid more attention, We would see that each structure conveys a meaning all its own. For example, the Meralco Building, for others it may mean nothing, but for some it can mean a lot.  Yes historical sites mean different things to different people, ultimately, the meaning depends on the one who does the preserving  and the one who sees it happen and has done nothing.

The Yutivo Building stood the test of time. Built in 1923, the Yutivo is one of the oldest establishments in Binondo, Manila. Located along Dasmarinas St. But who are the Yutivos? Jose P. Yutivo had a development firm and after years of hardwork it became the Yutivo Sons Hardware Company. Jose. Yutivo's eldest son Yu Tiong Siong took in charge of the corporation & in 1922 , they decided to move to Dasmarinas St. in Binondo, Manila. Back then Binondo was known to be Manila's central District. When Yu Tiong retired, his two brothers  Yu Tiong Yi and Yu Yiong Cuan took over the company. 

In the 1930's The Yutivo Sons Hardware Company was the biggest Chinese hardware firm in the country. It's dirty white walls & it's art deco inspired railings will forever bring life to the busy streets of Binondo.

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