Sunday, 11 March 2012

Uy Chaco Building

I have never featured anything that is Art Nouveau, almost all of my posts are from the Neoclassic & Artdeco Movement but you are in luck ,because I will be featureing the Uy Chaco Building in Binondo, one of the first buildings in Binondo and one of the few Art Nouveau buildings in Manila. But what is Art Nouveau? it is a style, movement of decorative art used in design and architecture, it is like artdeco but more flowery, more curves, more lines and more fancy. This movement was prominent in the United States from the late 17th century until World War 1.

Whenever you go to Binondo, the first thing that you will see if you are coming from the Jones Bridge is the unsightly Chinese-Filipino friendship arch and the Uy Chaco Building. Built in 1914 by Samuel C. Rowell this Art Nouveau marvel won international awards in architecture because of its pristine design and it is considered Manila's first skyscraper. This six-storey building was owned by Mariano Uy Chaco, he was known for supplying the local government with hardware. He later on passed his building to his son Uy Vet.

I am glad that at least there Art Nouveau Buildings in Manila even though they are scarcely any. The Uy Chaco Building is now being occupied by the Philtrust Bank. Unfortunately the beauty of the building is being covered by the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch and spaghetti wires. Binondo in in dire need of an urban planner.


  1. hello! curious what are other art nouveau buildings in manila?

    1. sana nandun pa yung Buddhist temple sa 6th floor at ung elevator na original OTIS from 1900s