Friday, 23 March 2012

The National University

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

The National University is the first private non-sectarian university in the Philippines. It was founded on August 1,1900 as Colegio Filipino. The school changed its name to Colegio Mercantil when the school offered its business courses such as bookkeeping and accounting. In 1916, the Board of Trustees changed the name of Colegio Mercantil to the National Academy and on January 17, 1921, after 21 years the Board again changed the name of the school for the last time to the National University. The College of Pharmacy was then introduced in 1922 with Dr. Eugenio Quesada as the dean of the college and also the College of Dentisrty. After 3 years, the College of Engineering was introduced to the students of N.U. with six disciples, civil, electronics, environmental, mechanical, electrical and sanitary.

In 1924 the University joined the N.C.A.A. as the N.U. Bulldogs but in 1938 together with the other universities such as Far Eastern University, they formed the U.A.A.P as one of the founding schools .  On January 1, 1998 a fire damaged the four Buildings of the University, the Elementaty, Graduate, Law & Commerce & the Main Building and three weeks after the fire, the university re-opened its doors to the students while the maintenace and restoration work were on-going. In 2008 the SM Groups of Companies acquired ownership of the National University.

The National University is one of the oldest schools in the country dating back in 1900 and through the years it never fails to give the students what they want and what they need, the continuous upgrading of its facilities and laboratories are signs that this university is all about quality education. As the school continues to spearhead its quality education it never the school never fails to remind and to mold its students to be nationalistic, the students of N.U .are surely living up to the school's motto.


  1. Magkano tuition? :( gusto kong mag-aral dito T.T

  2. Dr Eugenio C Quesada was my Dad. He used to bring me to the University when we were living in J. Barlin street beside UST. In 1944 when the American forces were about to enter Manila, a Japanese officer came to our house and wanted to occupy our house my father introduced himself as a professor