Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Meralco Building

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

The demolition has began, boundaries were pushed, and the news went from bad to worse. The Meralco building thought that it was time for them to leave the city of manila for good. Years ago, the Jai-Alai Building & the Avenue Theater bade farewell to those who remembered. The demolition of the Meralco building has stared. According to Mr. Ivan Herares, (The Vice-President of the Heritage Conservation Society) the building is owned by a Chinese, like what Mr. Ivan said "sorry for the stereotypes but I  think you know what will happen next".

The Meralco Building is a Juan Arellano masterpiece. Located in San Marcelino St. Ermita, Manila beside Adamson University. It was built in 1936 and it survived WWII. The fascade of the building has a bas-relief embellishments and it was designed by Francesco Ricardo Monti and Italian sculptor. He designed the muses in the Metropolitan Museum. This was the original headquarters of Meralco (Manila Electric Rail and Light Company).

Finally some good news! Ms. Dorie from the Heritage Conservation Society texted me last night that according to Mr. Ivan Henares and Ms. Gemma Cruz-Araneta they were able stopped the demolition of this building. They were able to save the bas-relief.


  1. Well, save every edifice and be rehabilitated, perhaps in taguig would be much better to be set upon or in rockwell makati the way the old mural of insular life in makati end up in muntinglupa.

    As a critic, i would say that there is a need for everyone to educate about contemporary filipino architecture the way they taught pre-hispanic and hIspanic ones.

  2. Hoping that they will restore this wonderful work of art :D

  3. they are currently demolishing this wonderful work of art

  4. Grazie Paolo, Spero che tutto si risolva, che si capisca che per oltre 70 anni non si può distruggere l'opera d'arte del nonno Riccardo