Monday, 13 February 2012

Luzco Building

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

We all know the art deco buildings blossomed like flowers in Manila and Iloilo. Carefully built by our national artists, but later destroyed by those who wants to erase their past permanently. As the art deco movement took over the streets of Manila, the neoclassical was very much overshadowed and outnumbered by the art deco. We have great neoclassical buildings especially in Ermita like the Central Post Office, the Department of Tourism Building and the National Museum but we in order to appreciate our built heritage we need to rape the streets of Manila.

I was in Escolta the other day until my friend saw the Luzco Building along the street of Dasmarinas and Burke. I was not expecting that magnificent building in Binondo because usually when people say "What do you see in Binondo?" usually my answer is " duh! Chinese Temples like in the movie kung fu panda." Trust me there are many neoclassical residential and commercial buildings in Binondo especially in Dasmarinas.

According to the people who are renting a commercial space in the Luzco Building, It was built during the American Period in the early 1930's and it is now owned by a Filipino business man. It is located along Dasmarinas st. corner Burke st.  beside the First United Building My professor in Philippine History told me if he was not mistaken the Luzco building was the old American Chamber of Commerce Building. In front of the Luzco is another Neoclassical building the Philex Building.

This just in, Mr. Rommel Earl Digo messaged me that the Luzco Building was  built by his great grandfather. The Luzco Building was designed by Andres Luna de San Pedro the son of Juan Luna during 1938. Andres Luna also designed the demolished Crystal Arcade in Escolta.


  1. check out uy su building in quintin paredes, former calle rosario. it's 50s art deco and its still in use. it's repainted so i think it's restored. another is laperal apartments in recto. its said to be built in 1930s art deco but im thinking 60s. the building has just been fenced and its probably going to be demolished. that's just sad!

  2. FYI, Binondo was once one of the most sophisticated parts of old Manila, described as a Paris. So it was not associated only with the Chinese but also with the Filipino elite and the Bon vivants, who found Intramuros stifling.


  4. i found your blog so boring, why don't you research for complete details and try to edit your introduction parang bitin. Like "We all know the art deco buildings blossomed like flowers in Manila and Iloilo" lahat alam ito at kelan dumami talaga art deco.

    1. i read your info and you wrote that you want to educate young people. Based from this article you were not able to differentiate neoclassical building from art deco building, so how can they appreciate these type of buildings if you cannot describe it thoroughly

    2. just so you know, educating young people is different from giving them a masters degree on architecture. besides, don't you think that most people who come across this blog would already know the difference? i mean, look at yourself, you know the difference right? i believe that the author of this blog is just a student and doing this as a hobby. if you are not satisfied with the articles he write here, you can feel free to stop going here. a lot of other people find The Filipinas useful and amusing, you don't need to contradict what he has written on his profile. i suggest you start your own blog and discuss the difference of neo-classical building fro art deco buildings. i do not know what the difference is but i appreciate its beauty by what his photographs say and by how he amusingly describes a brief history of the buildings with a comedic hint.

      and to that person who commented before this, not all people know "...the art deco buildings blossomed like flowers in Manila and Iloilo" if you find it boring, then i suggest that you stop reading.

      gosh people you all need to stop the hate, just appreciate!

  5. AMEN @ Federico!

    Mga anonymous, mga chawng, you're the kind of Filipino we don't like or want. Sita kayo ng sita, wala naman kayong initiative. Magaling kayo? Edi magsulat kayo ng sarili niyong blog.

  6. From memory, if U look closely at the top of the building's frontage, u can just see writing that says something like"American Academy of Business."