Thursday, 9 February 2012

Gota de Leche

 By: Paolo M, Bustamante

 We all honor doctors and nurses for different reasons, sometimes for their courage, sometimes for their sacrifices and sometimes for their fearlessness, but the only thing that I do not like about doctors is that they are sometimes pricey after all nothing is free anymore. When was the last time you helped someone? We are a third world country, almost half of our population,  if i am not mistaken live in hunger. Once in a while we just have to stop and notice those people who are in need. Instead of celebrating your birthday in the clubs, go to the home for the elderly or go to the orphanage.

Got milk? since it is Juan Arellano week, I will be featuring the Gota de Leche, a simple yet elegant building. Gota de Leche simply means "drop of milk". It is located at 859 Loyola St. Manila. It was built in 1914 designed by architect Juan Arellano & Arcadio Arellano.  The Gota de Leche was established by Teodoro Yangco, La Proteccion de la Infancia, Inc an organization that caters to the needs of sick and malnourished infants. He established it as a clinic to put an end on malnutrition.  In 2003 The building received the Asia-Pacific Heritage Conservation Award from UNESCO for restoring this fine building.

The Gota de Leche is a two-storey buiding, the exterior has two decorative statues, the second floor is covered with balck and white tiles. The two architects was inspired by the Osepedale Degli Innocenti, in Florence, Italy. Architect Augusto Villalon supervised the restoration of the Gota de Leche and was completed in 2002.

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