Saturday, 3 December 2011

World Record: Longest Line of Coins

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

My mom called me this morning because the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas wants to break the record of the longest line of coins so I went straight to the Quirino Grandstand before going to school. For me it is good that the Philippines is getting their competitiveness to the next level especially when it comes to breaking/setting world records, such as, world's largest of volume of text messages, world's longest barbecue and world's largest mango pie.

 I interviewed some people who were there in the Grandstand, most of them are students from Philippine Normal University and Philippine Colleges. Most of them are tired but at least they are helping their country in their own little way. I didn't ask if it is voluntary or what I just took a picture of them. I even saw Mr. Jeff Canoy from ABS-CBN and other T.V. reporters from different stations. Most of the people there were counting and perspiring under the sun but you know what say, no pain no gain. I really want to help but dang! I'm late for school.

For me it is really pointless to make world records that are useless, because it is not benefiting anyone like the world's largest mango pie, like seriously what kind of world record is that? Will it help the lepers, i don't think so. I commend the Banko Sentral for really making this world record thing possible. The event was voluntary for the BSP employees even though my mom did not help on piling the coins she helped on collecting them. She said that after setting this world record, the money will help build schools in provinces and will help recirculate the 25 centavo coins. It is a world record with a cause. Maybe next year we might break the world's richest country, who knows?

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