Tuesday, 6 December 2011

San Sebastian Church

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

It is already December an you know what that means, Simbang Gabi! Let's visit the churches around Manila.  Let's start with the San Sebastian Church. When I went to San Sebastian Church last Sunday, I was fortunate enough to witness a union between two lovers, Francis and the bride. (the bride's name is too complicated to pronounce and to spell). I pretended that i was part of the wedding photography crew because the commentator announced before the wedding that only the wedding photographers were allowed to take pictures. When I saw the bride, I was really tempted to shout. " Itigil ang Kasal!". Just kidding.

The San Sebastian Church is the only steel church in Asia built by architect Don Genaro Palacios. It was first completed during 1891. The Parts of the church were shipped from Europe to the Philippines. It is said to be built there, dismantled, shipped here then assembled the pieces in San Miguel. People may not agree whet it comes to paining the steel church but if they do not paint it, the church will rust. Correct me if I am wrong but it is one of the most expensive churches to preserve when it comes to the maintenance.

The San Sebastian Church was very lucky because it was not damaged during WWII. Visit the San Sebastian Church before it rusts and when you walk inside the church, please make sure that you are not stepping on the grave markers located at the sides of the church.

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