Sunday, 4 December 2011

Andres Bonifacio's 148th Birthday Celebration

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

When I went to Andres Bonifacio's Shrine in Mehan Gardens beside Manila City Hall two days after his birthday celebration, I saw four kinds playing in his monument and making it as a place where they can practice their wall-climbing skills. I asked them who is that guy who's holding a bolo. They answered, I don't know. That was a big Ouch on Andres Bonifacio's part. I thought the Filipino children are our future?!?! They must be taught well and we should let them lead the way or better yet, let Bonifacio lead them using his bolo.

He is known as the Great Plebeian and the Leader of the Katipunan. He is always critisized by the Filipinos as a person who is uneducated which is totally untrue He is a mestizo who knows three different languages. Even his statues that are scattered allover the Philippines are all wrong. He prefers riding a horse and holding a gun rather than walking in tsinelas and holding a bolo.  Even his story ended in a sad fate. He was killed by a Filipino during the war between the Spanish and the Filipinos. Traitor Much? It was General Aguinaldo who ordered the killing of Andres Bonifacio and until now his bones are still at large and missing. hen the commonwealth government of the Philippines was estasblished during 1935 Aguinaldo ran for presidency, his opponent was Manuel L. Quezon one of my favorite Filipino presidents. He built a statue of Bonifacio in Caloocan if i am not mistaken to remind the Filipino people who killed Bonifacio. That former president got served! That was one factor why he lost. Good thing He lost I was never a fan of Angunaldo. I may be bias, but because of what he did to Bonifacio made me hate him more. Am I going over the top? well stop me before I kill someone! Just kidding.

Andres Bonifacio had a complicated life. He started a revolution that would free us from the Spaniards. He used his willpower that opened the minds of Filipinos and how did we repay him? by killing him. He was betrayed, double-crossed, tricked and deceived and If you think you have a complicated life, well think again.

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