Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Luneta Theater

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

The Luneta Theater is one of my favorite stand-alone theaters in Manila next to the Capitol Theater in Escolta. I really had a hard time researching on the history of the Luneta Theater. I even asked every historian that I know but I failed. I visited the Luneta Theater during Mario Maurer's visit to the Manila with my best friend Deric Dario.

The Luneta theater is located in T.M. Kalaw Manila. It is near the Rizal Park and the Luneta Hotel. My mo told me that it was built sometime in the 70's. She used to go there to watch movies during the late 80's. The Luneta theater is owned by the Litonjua Family.

I really apologize to my readers. I swear I really researched on this one. Trust me I did everything. If you know the history of the Luneta theater just tell me. Message me or post your message in the comment box below.


  1. These buildings are really old ( including the white building sandwiched between the Luneta theater and Hotel!). I just a circa-1965 (before Marcos was even elected President!) photo that includes all these buildings. The luneta theater had a smaller height at that time and sometime later on they put an addition (that's why there's a "line' or separation on the upper part of the bldg!) Either way I hope the luneta theater is gonna be preserved.

  2. Just for input, for whatever it may be worth. I had a business transaction in 1996 with a member of the Litonjua family (Danilo "Dennis" Litonjua, a VP of the flagship company of the Litonjuas at that time, "L Corporation") in the same building where Luneta Theater was operating. The family was in shipping and property (that's where we had a deal). They bought what used to be the biggest iceplant in Manila (I think in the Philippines) standing at 12,000 sq.meters. and converted it into an industrial warehouse. I think the family is based in Ayala Alabang.

  3. Maybe you should ask this guy, he was there sseiing the Wild Geese movie on 1979 1st day for playing.