Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lord's & Jennet Theater

Paolo M. Bustamante

Not so far from the Captain Pepe Building is the Lord's and Jennet Theater. The twin theater as I would like to call it. I always see these theaters whenever I ride the LRT. Usually the movies that are being shown here are either x-rated or out-of-date.

The Lords and the Jennet Theater was built during the late 1960's and through the years , the Lord's and Jennet's stood the test of time. There was a certain decade in the history of  Manila (2000) wherein demolishing stand-alone theaters is a trend to make way for new yet unsightly infrastructures. Unfortunately the neighboring theaters of the twin theaters  (Avenue, Clover and the State theater) along Avenida were demolished.

The only thing bothers me, is the L.R.T. line in Rizal Ave. & in Taft Ave. I think that the L.R.T. should have a avoided the Rizal Avenue. The Department of Public Works and Highways should have placed it somewhere! The beautiful historical theaters are being blocked by the L.R.T. line but it is already there, I think that the construction of the L.R.T line in Rizal Ave. led to the decline of tourist and film enthusiast around Avenida.


  1. Kakapunta ko lang dyan sa Lords, sarado na ang Jennets.malawak din ang nasa loob nyan.Ang ginagamit nilang projector yung bago na, yung pang computer.hindi na yung traditional.Palabas nila first run in movie sya na indie bold film.Pangit nang audio quality nila.Maganda ang lobby nila sa taas, matetrace mo talaga yun dating glory nito noon.Buti nung pumasok ako wala pang mga gay kasi maaga pa.Sayang pinabayaan na ang mga ganito.

  2. Safe pa ba nung pumunta ka? Takot ako sa mga kalaswaang nangyayari eh. Bucket list ko sana pumunta sa mga ganyang stand alone cinema.

    1. Safe pa naman pumunta.ako pumupunta ako ng maaga para wala pang mga callboy at bakla e.para iwas raid na din.basta huwag mo na lang sila pansinin.ipakita mo sa kanila na palabas lang ang habol mo dun.

  3. Salamat sa reply pare. Gusto ko talaga i bucket list without the dangers. Any tips to avoid untoward incidences?

  4. Dun ka lang sa pwesto na malapit sa projector sa taas. walang tao dun kasi yung mga nagtitrip nasa taas na part nakatambay

  5. The youngest stand-alone theater in Avenida area. As of now, Lords is the only remaining theater in Rizal Avenue.