Thursday, 10 November 2011

Captain Pepe Building

By:Paolo M. Bustamante

Of all the historical sites that i visited, The Captain Pepe Building in Rizal Avenue was the hardest to shoot because it is surrounded by tangled electric spaghetti wrings, street vendors and the Captain Pepe Building is beside two LRT railways. I was very disappointed with my shots but a friend of mine once told me that I must expose the real Manila and i think that the Rizal Avenue is a fine example of exposing the "Manila Eyesore".

The Captain Pepe Building was designed by Juan Nakpil , and was built during the 1930's. Captain Pepe is the late husband of Dona Narcisa de Leon of L.V.N. Pictures. He is known as Don Pepe, the name captain is given to local government officials. The Moonlit Terrace and The Central Hotel were once tenants of the building.

My mom read the draft of my blog post while I was eating my mango cake from Red Ribbon and she was not happy with the title i gave the Avenue of Rizal "Manila Eyesore"she thinks that it is too negative. For me, I am exposing the good and the bad of Manila so that my readers would know the plight of Manila. I know that we Filipinos  are facing a lot of problems such as poverty, gender discrimination and patriotism issues but if we always think that our country is hopeless, nothing will happen to us. I don't want to use the term hope, because it is for people who do not aspire, who are lazy, who leaves everything to God. 


  1. During the Japanese Occupation this building housed a military police (Kempeitai) headquarters.

  2. The building across it (Margarita David bldg.) Is also a survivor of world war 2. It's in the streamline moderne style, I think, being built during the late 30s-early 40s. A Chowking is now occupying the place.

  3. Hi Paolo, it's called the "Capitan Pepe Building", not "Captain". Great article! :)