Monday, 28 November 2011

Bellevue Theater

 By:Paolo M. Bustamante

The Bellevue Theater is the only Neo-Mudejar structure that I know and one of the oldest remaining pre-war stand-alone movie theaters in Manila. But what is Neo-Medejar?

 It is an architectural movement that originated in Spain. Its design has ornaments, horseshoe arches leaner shapes and abstract bricks. Quite similar to Art Deco and Art Nevou style.

Built during 1931, it is located in Paco Manila.  It was owned by ALC Theater Circuit then by Enrique Gruenberg. The Gruenberg Brothers owned numerous theaters during the 60's  but when Enrique died, the family started selling the theater. Then Antonio Chua bought the Bellevue because of his love for movies.

After some time they wanted to demolish the theater, but instead they were convinced to keep the facade and demolish the interior. It is now an ukay-ukay store (store wherein they sell second hand clothes).

They really did not think before they demolish. No more movies, no more history. I am really sad that they had to demolish the interior to make way for an ukay-ukay store. How low can we get?


  1. found your website via Ambeth Ocampo. thank you for putting up this website. keep it up. the pinoys need this info/facts to appreciate their history and country.

  2. The last time i saw this building, it is occupied by Novo shirt store. I wonder if it is still now.