Wednesday, 9 November 2011

6th Philippine Town and Cities Conference

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

 Last week I tagged along my bestfriend Deric Dario to accompany me to this event that would change our views about Manila and the rest of the Philippines.  Thank goodness he did not ditch me! Because my friend is kind-duh noted for being late whenever he is invited to ( sometimes) important events, such as debuts, birthdays and weddings. He is following the Filipino time, always fashionably late but he really knows when something is important and he can never ditch a friend when he is needed the most. Because last October when Mario visited the Philippines, our friends gave us tickets to his press conference before going to his pres conference we planned that we will meet in our school at exactly 10:00 sharp but since we are late we decided to visit Jose Rizal instead in Luneta Park well it was totally worth the visit even though my pimples started booming like mushrooms because of the heat but seriously ditching Mario for Rizal is an act of patriotism. A monument should be erected in our honor.

From our school we went straight to Moraita, the event was held in Far Eastern University, a school that is highly applauded for  its Art-Deco Architectural style. We entered the auditorium and I must say I wish my school had their auditorium. 

There are speakers from allover Luzon, I'm wondering where are the representatives from Mindanao and Visayas. Hmm, where are they? but nevertheless the speakers are very inspirational especially Dr. Rosauro Sta. Maria. He is against the demolition of the Teodora Alonzo House in Laguna. He as been an active preservationist of the landmarks of Laguna. And Also Mr. Paulo Alcazaren who gave out free Bluprint Magazines.

I would like to thank you to my best friend Deric Dario. Thank you so much!

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