Sunday, 23 October 2011

Times Theater

By: Paolo M. Bustamate

  I love almost anything that is historical. The old houses in Malate, the neoclassical buildings in Ermita, century old schools along Legarda and of course art-deco theaters along Quezon Boulevard. Sadly only three are still there but only one is operational, the Times Theater.

I have been passing by Quezon Boulevard for years now and the only landmark that i know there is the Quiapo Church and The Plaza Miranda. Last term, my teacher in JOSERIZ (Mr. Alain Austria) gave a lecture about old stand-alone theaters in Manila . He told us how these theaters came about during the 1930's but it all came to an end during the late 1980's when malls started invading the metropolis. He also mentioned that there are still some operational stand-alone theaters in Manila but the most popluar one is the Times Theater.

The Times Theater was built in 1939 by Architect Luis Araneta, it can seat 800 people. The exterior of the theater was different before because it was covered with square tiled-plates starting from the top down to the center. This theater is now poorly maintained. It is in my bucket list to watch a movie here before the theater is gone. I wasn't fortunate enough to take pictures inside the theater because of the management. Trust me, I really tried my best to bring the old manila to you guys, I even pretended to be a Thai journalist just to take pictures of the inside of this theater. I guess I need to buy a book on how to become a good con-artist before indulging myself in those kinds of situation.


  1. it's nice that this theater is still standing, and very nice that it still playing films albeit old!

  2. There's an old ad I saw in the internet for the Times; "healthfully air-conditioned", it said. I wonder if it still is..

  3. Kakapasok ko lang dito.medyo hindi maganda ang amoy pag nasa loob at may nagbi bj pa dun sa harapan ng upuan ko.basta ako manonood lang.sasamantalahin hanggat hindi pa to nadedemolish.may art deco din sa bandang screen nito.Double program ang palabas, pareho tagalog.pero first run in.

  4. Ayaw nila magpicture sa loob kasi may kababalaghan na mga nangyayari sa loob.