Saturday, 29 October 2011

La Madre Filipina

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

 Last week before going to bed, I saw the La Madre Filipina in my news feeds so I googled it and asked visited the statue in Luneta Park. The La Madre Filipina by Martinez is actually located in the Jones Bridge and it served as an embellishment to beautify the Jones Bridge. It is actually a 4-set statue symbolizing a Filipina mother but unfortunately one out of four statues is missing.

Before going to school, I dropped by Luneta Park to see one of the La Madre Filipina. It is an all white statue, well I don't know if that is the real color of the La Madre Filipina Statues but that shade of white is working on her. The other two were in the Court of Appeals. I don't want to go to the Court of Appeals and ask permission if i can take pictures of the statue (hassle),  I cant be late for my midterms. It is either my midterms of the statues. Studies first before anything else.

I think that they should move the statue back in its original site. That's why it is called Rizal Park to honor our hero Jose Rizal. I think they should reconstruct the old Jones Bridge so that it will retain its title as the "Queen Bridge of Manila".

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  1. "[...] unfortunately one out of four statues is missing.[...]

    The last was hit by a shell.