Friday, 28 October 2011

Juan Luna's 154th Birthday Celebration

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

 It is what everyone's talking about. Every student, socialite & social-climber are preparing for the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week. But wait! aren't we forgetting something? I know we Filipinos are forgetting something, It is at the tip of my tongue. It is Juan Luna's 154th Birthday Celebration.

Who knew it was his birthday? Well I do! He is one of the greatest Filipino painters who ever lived and it would be ignorant for us Filipino to forget such significant event. I bet, people are in the malls instead of paying tribute to Juan Luna. I really want to go to his birthday celebration, to meet some delegates, historians & celebrities but most of all to pay homage to Juan Luna but since it is midterms week in my school, I had to ditch the ceremony.

Yesterday, before going to school, I told my driver to stop by the monument. I did not bring any flowers, I just brought my camera with me to capture the memories. It is so sad when I saw the monument, it was lifeless and dull. The wreath of flowers were down on the floor. Dead flowers were scattered everywhere it is as if they just celebrated his birthday just for the sake of celebrating it. They didn't care about what will happen to the place after the celebration. 

The thing that really bothered me the most is that we Filipinos lack the sense of loving our own heritage, heroes & history. We always think of the "ifs" in history. We would rather wear western inspired clothing rather than dressing in Barong or Baro't Saya. I commend the Indians for wearing their national costume everywhere it is a part of them. From the airport to the streets of Manila, it just shows that their heritage will forever live on.

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