Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Santa Cruz Church

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

The people of Sta. Cruz keep a sacred place to celebrate their faith in the heart of their town, which is a place where they conduct mass in and celebrate annual fiestas for in honor its patron saint. This is their special place of their call of belief.

The Jesuits under Rector Antonio Sedeno built this church during 1608. The Sta. Cruz Church is a place of faith for the Filipino-Chinese community in Manila. The church may have encountered ans withstood numerous earthquakes but it was not fortunate enough to survive in the destruction of World War II. It was restored during the late 1950's and it was patterned in the Baroque style while keeping its vital similarities to the original church.

You will be greeted into the church by the sight of street vendors and wondering merchants who clutter along the sides of the place. However, I would like to emphasize that as you enter the church, you are instantly forbidden to take photos of the altar. Despite of that prohibition, I still managed to accidentally take a single picture of it – I was reprimanded afterwards. The only thing that you can take pictures of is the facade of the church; nothing more, nothing else.
The interiors of the church is quite modern. The altar is completely different from the other churches in Manila because the old style of the altar was not preserved that well. But the exterior of the church captured the old and timeless charm that the original church once had.


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  2. La scultura (alta 9 metri circa) è opera dell'artista italiano Francesco Riccardo Monti
    Anna Filippicci Bonetti