Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Paco Station

By:Paolo M. Bustamante

When I went to the island of Corregidor last May, A tour guide once told me that “ a country who does not value its ruins has no history” I really do support his theory. It made me reflect on the situation of Manila, on how it wardens its historical sites. But even Manila cannot protect its dying relics. The historical sites of Manila undergo three phases. As it is build it will soon be abandoned and be neglected. Because it is neglected therefore it will become a ruin. Later on it will be up for demolition and soon be a thing of the past. It will only exist on our memory.

The Old Paco Station stood the test of time proving that it is built to survive. This building has been through a lot; it survived the Philippine-American War & World War II and until now it is facing a much grater danger of demolition. There is this campaign/ organization that protects this majestic structure from further destruction. During its 100th anniversary of this building, it was promised that the station will regain its former glory but three years have passed and there is still no action done to the station.

The Old Paco Station in Quirino Highway, Manila proved that tour guide right. If it is gone, only antique documents will be the basis of our history. It saddens my heart to see the Old Paco Station fall apart without giving it some recognition. Only historians and nationalist keeps this station intact and pristine. They try to give meaning to this station even though it is badly damaged. When will Filipinos learn to love their history? It is never too late to save these kinds of structures.

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  1. The paco station is designed by William e. Parsons, an american architect is also involved with the original Burnham plan of manila. The station's design is supposed to mimic that of the grand Penn station in new york, which is now demolished though.