Monday, 12 September 2011

Monte de Piedad

By: Paolo M. Bustamante

Sad things happen when buildings are forgotten. Furnitures, staircases and antique doors will become a distant memory.This is the present state of the Monte de Piedad Building. It is where Stray cats and migrating birds lodges in this building. The outside of Monte de Piedad is filled with bustling vendors and Filipino-Chinese who are selling fruits, cheap jewelry and priceless antiques. There is also a section near the building where in there are Chinese herbal shops and vendors who sell love potions and elixirs.

The Monte de Piedad is considered to be the first savings bank in the Phlippines. It is also tone of the first establishments in Plaza Goiti. It was built on June 24,1887 by Juan de Hervas in a Neo-Renaissance style. This savings bank started operating on August 2, 1882, with the objective of providing loans for the less fortunate. Even though they are experiencing insolvency, they continued to lend programs to the poorest of the poor. 

Last two years ago, the GE Money Bank personified the Monte de Piedad but after moving out, The state of the building became worse, the glass windows are broken and the details of the building are gradually vanishing. This building is loosing its soul. Who knows someday this building might be demolished.

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  1. The Monte de Piedad was owned by the Roman Catholic Church - hence its name "Mountain of Piety" It was not mentioned in this article.