Saturday, 10 September 2011

Carriedo Fountain

 By: Paolo M. Bustamante

Historical buildings surround the Plaza Carriedo and each building has their own tale. There is the Manuel F. Tiaoqui Building, considered to be the first pinned wall building in the country. The Monte de Piedad Building, the first savings bank in the Philippines. The Sta. Cruz Church, built in the 17th century by the Jesuits and the Carriedo Fountain as their centerpiece. You may tour Carriedo by riding a kalesa or by just simply walking.The Carriedo fountain has been the eye of the plaza for years now. Cluttered tricycles, rowdy jeepneys, aggravating street vendors and wondering tourists also encircle it. It may be overcrowded but the Plaza wont be the same without the iconic fountain.

This fountain thinking that this is the original one, fools many people.  Dated back in the 16th century when the City of Manila has no running water, a man named Don Francisco Carriedo "Manila's greatest benefactor" had a vision to build a water system in Manila.  he donated P10,000 to fund his vision. Though he didn’t live long and died in 1743. Governor Moriones continued the vision of Don Carriedo. 

The fountain was built in 1882 in honor of Don Francisco Carriedo. The original fountain was in Nagtahan in Legarda, Manila. It was then transferred to Balara, Quezon City in MWSS. Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim petitioned that the fountain should be transferred back to Manila. The MWSS commissioned Naoleon Abueva (national artist) to create a replica of the Carriedo Fountain. Now, it stands in its original home in Sta. Cruz.


  1. i think the original is in the mwss compiund in balara. the one here in the plaza pictured, the replica. or i may be mistaken

  2. way back 70s with no policemen in sight, we used to piss near that fountain in the wee hours of the morning coming from our friday night outs. that historically makes us the interloping predecessors of that fountain.