Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bauan Municipal Hall

Paolo M. Bustamante

The Heritage Conservation Society - Batangas Chapter found out that the exceptional Art Deco Bauan Municipal Hall in Batangas is scheduled for demolition on October 15, 2011 in violation of Republic Act No. 10066 which prohibits the demolition of structures 50 years or older without the permission of the NCCA. There is also a proposal to demolish the Bauan East Central School for the construction of a terminal.  

These buildings in Bauan, Batangas are architecturally significant. According to Architect Dominic Galicia of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage and NCCA Committee on Monuments and Sites, "There's a remarkable story suggested by the architecture of the municipio and the school.  The Art Deco details of the municipio are exceptional, speaking of the wealth of the Commonwealth era. And those municipio details also inform the details of the school, as if to say "let's spread the wealth."

I was in rage when I heard the news. I cannot believe the government of Batangas will do such a thing. I really thought the city of Manila was the only city that had no interest on its historical sites, but clearly I was wrong.

The demolition of the Jai Alai, Lyric Theater, Ideal Theater and The Crystal Arcade in the city of Manila were examples of how Filipinos give importance to their history. It speaks that we do not value our past. We do not cherish these great structures that cannot be brought back. During the Japanese occupation, we have lost more than hundreds of historical sites, from ancestral homes to century-old bridges, we have lost it all during the WWII.

Honestly I know little about the history outside of Manila but I will fight for what is right. My mom raised me to love my country that’s why I grew up loving my cournty and while growing up I learned how to appreciate our historical sites proving that we have talented architects. Demolishing this beautiful structure will not make Batangas a better province. It will just prove one thing; that Batangas does not value its history.

Give the Philippines 50 years and maybe the only landmark that will be left standing will be the statue of Rizal in Luneta Park.

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  1. i don't want to comment something negative about the people of bauan, but several years ago they renovated the century old bauan catholic church and it you would see it personally, i know you'll get m/sad.

  2. in addition have you heard of the palo, leyte municipal hall it's about a hundred years old and its gone.